Oh good Lord, she's painting again!DSC01092I knew that I wanted to paint the countertops with acrylic, but had to choose a pattern. I really loved that people on Pinterest were getting such great results achieving a granite look with acrylic paint. This was the way I wanted to proceed. I went to the Home Depot and got samples of stone that I liked. I got the free samples of the laminate, but you can purchase actual small pieces of granite or stone. Then, I went to the local craft store and choose 10 colors to match them, several sponges and a couple of brushes.



My eyes hurt just looking at these countertops. After a day of cooking on them, my eyes were actually tired.


We have finally reached countertops! After doing pretty extensive research on low cost counter ideas, I decided that I would paint the countertops. For the full breakdown of ideas and costs for countertops, have a look at our article Countertop Research and Information.

Project Planning: The Grand Plan for the Kitchen


What do we do with this? Burning it down is not an option!


Kitchen A  with watermark

Cabinet Makeover Plan and Budget

Cabinet with watermark



Kitchen cabinet with watermark


As I mentioned earlier, I always have multiple plans for a project, I call it a plan list. This approach allows me to know that there is an “out” if I need it. It allows me to progress through the project without the fear of complete failure. Hope is never lost, it may just be more expensive!