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This website/blog is dedicated to helping the American Family save a buck. There are several areas to this website. The main area, the blog, is devoted to improving our house. How is that helping the economic status of your family?  If the house is updated and cared for, it's value is greater & maintenance is easier. The Home Depot net sales were $88,500,000.000.00 in the year 2015. (That's 88.5 billion dollars in case you aren't good with that many 0's!)  That number was up 10 billion dollars from 2013. After looking up the fact, I was too nauseated to look up Lowes stats.  Home improvement is big business!  Clearly, some of those hard earned dollars of the American family are being used there.  I hope to show you how to save a little cash as you make your improvements.


Even if you don't use any of my tips, perhaps I will inspire you to "think outside of the box". To me, "thinking outside the box" has several meanings. It could mean using material or equipment, some that you may already have, for a purpose other than what it was designed for. Maybe it's trying a project you wouldn't normally undertake. Most of the time, for me, means buying used. After all. the second I use it, it's used, why pay more for a box?

The website has an area for thrifty tips.  Here you will find tips to save a few dollars here and there. When applicable, in this area, I will share coupons and tools to help you and your family in your efforts to save. I also share these coupons and shopping tips on Facebook, twitter and Instagram. Follow me to keep up to date!

There is a recipe area on the website.  I read that 1/3 of every dollar spent on food in America is used to eat out. I want more to show for our hard earned money than a growing waist line!  I will share some of my basic, go to recipes I use in this area.  We have young kids, so I try to cook to their taste while not torturing my husband and myself with the usual kid fair.  They are quick and easy recipes, where the flavor can be layered on to suit the many tastes in a family. In addition, I have found or created recipes that "taste like" some of our favorite restaurant foods.  I can make them for a fraction of the price at home, and can wear my grubby clothes while eating them! 

Finally, the website has a link to my eBay store.  Living in New England, I have become a yard sale, estate sale, antique fair junkie. I wish I had found an appreciation for these sales years ago, I would have saved a huge amount of money not buying retail and had some interesting stories behind my belongings. The items I choose to list are not cookie-cutter but Vintage items with patina and interest. If it is a vintage piece, I always include the history of the item if the person selling it knows it, I also include where I found it. The store also has pieces (like hardware and light fixtures) you might be able to use for your home improvements jobs, some are new and some are used, but I aim for all of them to be a good deal.

We hope you enjoy the website and find it helpful!logo with border 151x90