Neither my husband nor I work in the design or construction business. My husband, Steve, is an engineer. He has a very analytical mind and is really great at figuring out how something is done. In addition he is deadly handy, a fact that I truly love about him. I am a physical therapist, we also have analytical minds but we focus on getting “work” done while expending the least amount of energy and with the lowest risk of damage or injury.

Together we have 3 children, all still young. I'm ay home with the kids and wanted to supplement our family's net worth but not leave the kids just yet. When we decided that a move to a fixer upper in a more reasonably priced town, it dawned on me that I might be able to improve our family's net worth while still being home with the kids. While home, I was able to complete work on the house. My projects can move slowly, so they will be easy to follow. An advantage of this approach is that I have developed some great organization techniques that keep the house running and the project moving forward. I'll share them on the website too. I try not to work on the weekends, that is family time, but sometimes the girls will work on a project with us.

There is an additional and quite large advantage to our approach. We purchased a fixer-upper and are doing a huge amount of the work ourselves. Theoretically, we should be increasing our home value with each project. By doing the work ourselves, we cut the cost of these projects significantly and should be able to get more projects done on an earlier time line, increasing our value faster. Our hope is to increase the value of the house enough to offset having a stay at home parent. Hopefully, by the time the girls are of an age where I can return to work, the work around the house will be complete and our income will not be going to such things. Hopefully, by that time all of our work won't be outdated and need to be remodeled!