My approach to projects is not ground breaking. I do a fair amount of research and try to utilize every resource I can to get information. I'll read all I can on line, get professional quotes, shop the big box stores and speak to local small merchants/professionals. Prior to starting a project I do several months of research, planning and cost analysis. I do my best to keep costs as low as possible, but also know that sometimes cheaper is not better. I try to live green and utilize resources I already own.

It's not only good for the environment, but good for the pocket. I “shop” for materials on craigslist, ebay, salvage stores and garage sales. I try to get “just what I need”, but have been known to find something “that will do”. Often, it is a game chance finding the right materials. I think about several projects at a time and store any items I find that I will need for a project down the line. This can drive my husband crazy.

Probably the most important element of approaching a project for me is the multi-plan approach, I call it the "Plan List". I try not to start a project without a plan B and plan C. Not only for the whole project, but for individual elements of a project. If I totally screw up a project, I need to know that I have an out with a plan B or C. Often these plans will not give me the exact aesthetic I wanted, will move slower or be slightly more costly, but almost always, they will be more reasonable that calling in a professional. A professional is always plan D. I hate to get to plan D! That being said, I have been to plan D and been grateful for them! This approach allows me to proceed without too much fear of failure. Fear of failure can be debilitating, and can stop you from trying something new. A few months ago I was watching my young daughter show my mom how to text on her phone. My mother was curious about how much time my daughter spent texting. I told her ”she has never texted before”. Shortly after, it dawned on me that kids learn new skills, like navigating on phones, because they play with no fear of breaking the phone, no fear of failure. My taking a multi-plan approach I hope to remove the fear of failure (or at least decrease it) and hope to learn a few new skills.