As I mentioned earlier, sometimes you have got to bring in a professional. I hate to do it, but I have to say that I love to see them work. The progress on the job moves so much faster than when I do a project!

Finding a  contractor for our roof was a tough task but taught me a lot about how to find a contractor. I know nothing about roofing. I know it requires you to be way to far off the ground. I don't want to be that high up without an elevator or plane! We got about 6 quotes for the roof and they varied in price by almost $6,000. We ended up choosing a contractor who's quote was in the middle. He was a nice guy who took the time to answer our questions and explain the details of the job to us. We talked to him about the other quotes and told him that we really wanted to use him but we needed him to work with us on the price. He brought his price down closer to the lower end of the spectrum and we went with him. He did an excellent job, finished in a timely manner and left our property clean and mostly nail free (an important detail when you have little kids running around in flip flops).

There are a couple of things to take away from this experience:

  • You have to choose the contractor that gives you the best product. In most cases, his/her time can be considered “product”.
  • Contractors may be willing to work with you on the price. If you aren't completely low balling them and are reasonable, you may have some luck getting them to lower the quote. The worst they can do is say “no”, so you might as well ask. It will not physically hurt you to have someone say “no” to you