Research for this was a lot of work! I have been looking for ways to make our countertops more attractive without breaking the budget. The countertops we have are actually in good condition but the most harsh color white you have ever seen, I call it institiutional white. 

20131106 120130 DSC00192


Oh good Lord, she's painting again!DSC01092I knew that I wanted to paint the countertops with acrylic, but had to choose a pattern. I really loved that people on Pinterest were getting such great results achieving a granite look with acrylic paint. This was the way I wanted to proceed. I went to the Home Depot and got samples of stone that I liked. I got the free samples of the laminate, but you can purchase actual small pieces of granite or stone. Then, I went to the local craft store and choose 10 colors to match them, several sponges and a couple of brushes.



My eyes hurt just looking at these countertops. After a day of cooking on them, my eyes were actually tired.


We have finally reached countertops! After doing pretty extensive research on low cost counter ideas, I decided that I would paint the countertops. For the full breakdown of ideas and costs for countertops, have a look at our article Countertop Research and Information.