My eyes hurt just looking at these countertops. After a day of cooking on them, my eyes were actually tired.


We have finally reached countertops! After doing pretty extensive research on low cost counter ideas, I decided that I would paint the countertops. For the full breakdown of ideas and costs for countertops, have a look at our article Countertop Research and Information.

I flirted with several outside-of-the-box ideas for our countertops. I found vintage chalkboards locally from a school that is being renovated. I contacted several stone cutters and got their opinion regarding cutting the boards for countertops and found that along with being very difficult, it was going to be expensive. I even though about using old wood doors as countertops and after an extensive look around decided that finding matching vintage doors would be a difficult task. I found lots of information regarding countertop paint from Pinterest and decided I would follow the plan of the blogger Life of Lauren Lou

Here is the plan list for the countertops. I gave myself a max budget of $150.

  • Plan A: Paint the countertops with some form of acrylic paint and a poly-acrylic top coat. This gives me the greatest option of colors and hopefully will allow me to get the look I want. This approach should cost me about $50
  • Plan B: Paint countertops with Rust-Oleum countertop paint. This would increase the budget to $90
  • Plan C: Cover the countertops with new laminate. This would increase the budget to $210
  • Plan D: Ikea butcher- block countertops. This carried an additional cost as I would need to use the Ikea farm sink ($299) due to the length of my countertops. This plan would increase the budget to $779.

Now that the research is done and we have a plan list in place, it's time to get to work!


To see how our kitchen turned out, keep reading.