Time for the finishing touches, the backsplash.

The back splash in my mind is the most highly visible area of the kitchen. For most people it is at eye level. It normally isn’t a very expensive project, as it is a small area, but can have a great impact on the look of the kitchen. It has been my experience that you leave the back splash to be completed after you achieve the final look of your cabinets and counter top. It's like an accessory, you don't put them on before you are dressed.

The plan for our countertops is to paint the countertop, a temporary surface that we can get a couple of years out of. For that reason, we were looking for a temporary back splash that was very cost efficient. Our current back splash was made of the same laminate material as the counter tops, and in the same excellent condition. Our plan is to treat the back splash the same as the counter top, to paint it. We would have to decide if we wanted to paint it the same color as the counter top or something different, perhaps the wall color. Our hope was to create a surface that would last 2-3 years until we were ready to replace the counter tops. 

Our back splash Plan List is as follows. Our hope is that Plan A will work, but we will work our way through the list if we have to.

  • Plan A- remove the aluminum edging on the counter top and back splash and paint the back splash with acrylic paint and top with poly acrylic (just like we are doing on the counter top). This plan should cost about $30.
  • Plan B- Remove edging and paint the back splash with Rust-Oleum counter top paint. This plan should cost $50.
  • Plan C- Remove the edging and laminate material, cover the walls of the back splash with bead board wallpaper. This plan should cost $70
  • Plan D- Remove the edging and cover the existing back splash or walls behind it with bead board and paint. This plan should cost $130.

Now that we have a plan list, we can start the project without too much fear of failure (I hope).


To see how our kitchen turns out, keep reading.