Time for the finishing touches, the backsplash.

The back splash in my mind is the most highly visible area of the kitchen. For most people it is at eye level. It normally isn’t a very expensive project, as it is a small area, but can have a great impact on the look of the kitchen. It has been my experience that you leave the back splash to be completed after you achieve the final look of your cabinets and counter top. It's like an accessory, you don't put them on before you are dressed.

Research for this was a lot of work! I have been looking for ways to make our countertops more attractive without breaking the budget. The countertops we have are actually in good condition but the most harsh color white you have ever seen, I call it institiutional white. 

20131106 120130 DSC00192


Our Kitchen Inspiration

The Fantasy The Reality
Inspiration kitchen Kitchen A  with watermark

I am always looking for ways to improve the house.  I want it to be more than an house, I want to turn it into a home. When we walked into our house on the tour prior to purchasing, my first thought was "This is a great big space with fantastic potential!" My next thought was't as optimistic. I remember thinking "This is a great big space filled with a lot of ugly!"

Reality Check!

Assessing our Kitchen's Assets (believe it or not, it does have some)

and Liabilities


Kitchen A  with watermark


We used this approach when viewing kitchens of homes we contemplated buying. The approach also works well for project planning. We look at each element and listed it as an asset or liablility. Each element is pricey on its own, add them together and you get a bank buster! Here is how our elements broke down.

 Before and after watermark
A couple of years ago my husband and I purchased a "new" house in New Enland. The house was in great condition but it was very dated. The previous owners (the orginial owners) owned the house for 40+ years. They took excellent care of it but never updated anything.
Over the past couple of years we have slowly started to update the house, doing all the work we could ourselves and keeping the costs as low as possible.  It took my husband and I that long to devise a plan on how to approach the kitchen. It's a large space and we had a small budget.  We had to come up with a plan that would update the kitchen while spending as little as possible, but that was also within our skill set.
Here is what we saw when we looked at the house:


Nook Before and After


Let There Be Light! (That works!)

Our kitchen not only required a full make over for the cabinets, floors and counter tops, but the light fixtures were also in desperate need of updating. They were they unattractive and they were also starting to fail. A couple of them would only turn on when they felt like it. They were starting to spook out my kids (and me).The kitchen already had a dark and gloomy look, but the lack of light was really putting it over the top.