My desire to DIY is not just an economic decision, but I am afraid that I'm a bit of a control freak. My dad worked in the construction business and I grew up helping him with projects around the house. My unnatural desire to paint things (walls, furniture, light fixtures, houses) comes from him.

When we purchased the house it was clear that there was a lot to do. Almost everything was in working condition, just really old looking, feeling and smelling. We determined that the first project would be to remove the wall paper from the house. It was a messy project that we thought should be done before we moved in. I had done some wallpaper removal for my parents in the past and considered tackling this job myself.

My approach to projects is not ground breaking. I do a fair amount of research and try to utilize every resource I can to get information. I'll read all I can on line, get professional quotes, shop the big box stores and speak to local small merchants/professionals. Prior to starting a project I do several months of research, planning and cost analysis. I do my best to keep costs as low as possible, but also know that sometimes cheaper is not better. I try to live green and utilize resources I already own.

Neither my husband nor I work in the design or construction business. My husband, Steve, is an engineer. He has a very analytical mind and is really great at figuring out how something is done. In addition he is deadly handy, a fact that I truly love about him. I am a physical therapist, we also have analytical minds but we focus on getting “work” done while expending the least amount of energy and with the lowest risk of damage or injury.

Painting Scene with clover

This website/blog is dedicated to helping the American Family save a buck. There are several areas to this website. The main area, the blog, is devoted to improving our house. How is that helping the economic status of your family?  If the house is updated and cared for, it's value is greater & maintenance is easier. The Home Depot net sales were $88,500,000.000.00 in the year 2015. (That's 88.5 billion dollars in case you aren't good with that many 0's!)  That number was up 10 billion dollars from 2013. After looking up the fact, I was too nauseated to look up Lowes stats.  Home improvement is big business!  Clearly, some of those hard earned dollars of the American family are being used there.  I hope to show you how to save a little cash as you make your improvements.