Our Kitchen Inspiration

The Fantasy The Reality
Inspiration kitchen Kitchen A  with watermark

I am always looking for ways to improve the house.  I want it to be more than an house, I want to turn it into a home. When we walked into our house on the tour prior to purchasing, my first thought was "This is a great big space with fantastic potential!" My next thought was't as optimistic. I remember thinking "This is a great big space filled with a lot of ugly!"

Reality Check!

Assessing our Kitchen's Assets (believe it or not, it does have some)

and Liabilities


Kitchen A  with watermark


We used this approach when viewing kitchens of homes we contemplated buying. The approach also works well for project planning. We look at each element and listed it as an asset or liablility. Each element is pricey on its own, add them together and you get a bank buster! Here is how our elements broke down.

Project Planning: The Grand Plan for the Kitchen


What do we do with this? Burning it down is not an option!


Kitchen A  with watermark